Learn to read well with a proven technique.

Simple lessons that increase reading skills.

Easy to use.

Hear the words to learn them.

Increase your reading level.

Click this button to listen how we speak the lessons

See below for more information. And try the Demo lessons.

Based on the simple See - Say - Listen process.

See the words on the page.

Say the words out loud.

Listen to the words.

And you have learned to read the words.

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See below for more information. And try the Demo lessons.

A Proven Technique that has helped thousands to improve reading skills.

Now updated to use on any device.

With spoken words that will help everyone learn to read well.

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See below for more information. And try the Demo lessons.

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Learn to Read Well.

Click this button to listen how we speak the lessons

See below for more information. And try the Demo lessons.

安卓蓝火丁破解 蓝小灯破解版

Read. Read Well.

Do you want your child or student to read? Do you want them to read well?

Developed by a Nationally Certified Reading Specialist (Mrs. Roberta Pournelle), the ReadingTLC program has been used by thousands of parents to improve reading skills. And now it is updated and ready for today's devices.

The ReadingTLC program has helped children increase their reading level by at least one grade level. It is based on the one thousand most commonly used words in literature. It offers a systematic approach that has taught thousands of students to read independently.

Not Learning to Read - Learning to Read Better

ReadingTLC will not teach children how to read. 数码兽图鉴 | 数码兽图鉴 | 数码兽数据库:2021-6-15 · 官网图鉴在2021年12月重开后已开启月更模式!每月下旬更新。 目前已更新数码兽高清图 574 幅。更新记录 官网图鉴更新 Reference Update 2021.06.15 官网数码兽图鉴更新:珊瑚兽、飞鱼兽、海奇美拉兽、具足兽、水虎鱼兽、皇带鱼兽. If your child struggles with reading, our program will end that struggle. They will learn how to read well.

Over the years, many people have written us describing their particular problems and asking for help. We reply by using a simple dyslexia test. (A starting point for testing dyslexia is here .)

When their student passes a dyslexia test with flying colors we know that there is a very high probability of success with our program. There are no guarantees, of course, but the field testing was very impressive.

Using our copyrighted technique for learning blending and checking for comprehension, your student can work at their own pace. Here's what parents and teachers said about the original program:

From Parents:

  • "We really struggled with helping our son to learn to read. He started out behind the other kids in first grade. He liked the TLC program. We got about 3/4 of the way through and he then began reading independently for pleasure. Now he is a voracious reader. Recently, he has gotten through the first 5 volumes of the Chronicles of Narnia. TLC definitely helped him. Your program is terrific!" - S. B., Parent
  • "My own daughter can now read everything on my desk!" - D. B., Parent
  • "My son was in danger of being retained in Kindergarten. After using TLC over the Summer he became the reading tutor for the whole First Grade!" - D. W., Parent

From Teachers:

  • "Students grew 2 to 5 grade levels in just five months!" - L. A., Principal, Pinecrest Schools
  • "Our inner city students made outstanding improvement in reading with TLC!" J. L., Ass't Principal, LAUSD
  • "The kids loved the game at the end of each lesson!" - J. E.

New Version - New Features - for a New Generation

The original version of ReadingTLC helped teach thousands of kids to read; now we want to do the same for another generation. So we started by building the program to be web-based. We didn't change how the lessons worked, though.

While working on this new version, we decided that the program needed new features, so we upgraded just about everything. It uses the same processes to learn to read well, using the same techniques as the original program. But it now has these new features:

  • 斗罗大陆4终极斗罗最新章节列表:正文 第七百章 反物质导弹 ...:2021-1-17 · 【笔趣阁小说官网】提供了唐家三少创作的玄幻小说《斗罗大陆4终极斗罗》干净清爽无错字的文字章节:正文 第七百章 反 ...Your child will hear the word, so they can learn the correct pronunciation. The original program used Mrs. Pournelle's voice. We changed that to use the text-to-speech capabilities of computers. That also allowed us to make minor tweaks to the instructions, while still keeping with the original design and processes.
  • The program is now web-based, rather than a program you install. So you can use the program on any device that is connected to the Internet, no matter where you are.
  • New higher resolution graphics. But the graphics are not how they learn to read better. They are just a minor 'interest' point for the child. The program emphasizes improving reading skills, not cartoons.
  • Tracking reports for parents. So you can see how your child is improving.
  • New games for lesson reviews. Just simple games that reinforce their new reading skills, because playing games is not the point of the program. We use the simple games to reinforce new reading skills.
  • Now even easier to use - all your student does is click or touch the screen. Every instruction and all words are read out loud, continually reinforcing newly-learned skills.
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Results are Guaranteed

We know this program is a proven way for children (or anyone) to read better. So if your child goes through the entire program, and you don't feel their reading has improved, we'll refund the entire cost of the program. No questions asked, because we know that you will know whether your child has improved. Just contact us with your concerns, and we'll refund the entire cost.


Try out the program using our 蓝小灯破解版. Then get started within minutes - no waiting for shipping - just a simple PayPal payment will get you started!

Start Your Child on Their Path of Improved Reading

Order the program now. It's a simple PayPal payment (PayPal not required; we just use it for secure credit card payments). After your completed order, you'll get an email with simple instructions to get your child started on improving their reading skills.

And your child or student will learn how to read well.

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